Atv Requirements in Wisconsin

In addition to the required ATV safety certificate, all drivers under the age of 12 who drive on public land must comply with these restrictions: This rule manual is provided to provide you with knowledge of Wisconsin`s ATV/UTV laws. It also includes safety tips and best practices. All ATV drivers in Wisconsin must ALWAYS wear an approved helmet when riding their ATV, regardless of age or level of experience. In Wisconsin, helmet use is mandatory for all cyclists (operators AND passengers) under the age of 18, with the following exceptions: Children under the age of 12 are allowed to ride a small ATV, and ONLY under the following conditions: The Department of Natural Resources and the Conservation Guardian Service invite you to safely enjoy recreational opportunities on our trails. Wisconsin is full of places to spend time on your off-road vehicles in every region of the state. If you have any further questions, contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Information Office at 1-888-936-7463. Before embarking on Wisconsin`s ATV and PHEV routes, please keep in mind the following tips to ensure safe and enjoyable driving: The laws and regulations on this page are intended to serve as a quick reference for ATV riders. It is your responsibility to know ALL the laws on MOUNTAIN BIKEs before you embark on the trails. For a complete list of ATV laws and regulations in Wisconsin, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources at