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Start your career with an online Bachelor of Laws degree. Use this resource, created by BestColleges` college experts, to explore your career options, salaries, courses, and concentrations in legal studies. At Victoria University, we strive to display accurate and complete information about online courses. However, we cannot guarantee that every price change will be displayed at this time. You can contact the university directly on +61 3 9919 6100 to confirm the most recent course fees, courses and credit transfer, recognition of prior knowledge, admission and registration procedures, exams and services for our students. Paralegals do important legal work behind the scenes that allows the justice and legal systems to have a positive impact on their communities. Professional duties vary as there is a wide range of paralegal careers to pursue – many paralegals help lawyers by helping with litigation preparation, drafting legal documents, researching, and communicating with clients. Most paralegals work in law firms, but paralegal skills are also coveted by government agencies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Through the Davenport Estate Planning Service program, law students have provided free legal estate planning services worth approximately $100,000 over the past five years. SUNY Canton`s online Bachelor of Laws program offers an internship in which students can gain valuable experience.

Core courses include business law, criminal practice, and professional writing and communication. Motivated learners can complete a combined BS/JD at SUNY Canton in six years. Some bachelor`s degree graduates work in courtrooms as court reporters. Others opt for higher degrees and work as lawyers or post-secondary educators. Paralegals cannot provide legal services directly to the public unless permitted by law. Become an important part of a legal team with a law degree that also prepares you to work as a paralegal. Online Bachelor of Laws programs typically consist of 120 credits required and last approximately four years of full-time study. Asynchronous part-time or self-learning programs usually take longer. Obtaining a bachelor`s degree usually increases a person`s earning potential.

In 2019, the median weekly wage for people with just a high school diploma was $746, while for people with a bachelor`s degree, it was $1,248. Peirce`s Hybrid Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program accepts up to 90 transfer credits, making it a great option for prospective students who already hold an associate degree. The core program of the program includes tort law, family law, and advanced legal technology. During the final semester of the program, all students complete a cornerstone on practical skills and regulation. Participants take a mix of on-campus and online courses in Davenport`s Bachelor of Legal Studies program, you`ll learn from lawyers who are at different stages of their careers, from faculty with decades of experience to practicing lawyers who bring the latest legal trends into the classroom. Your connections to the legal community are deep and can mean potential internship or career opportunities for you. The paralegal space is one of the fastest growing job markets, with lawyers increasingly dependent on paralegals as U.S. law becomes more complex — especially those with academic experience.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal employment is above average, with a projected growth rate of 12 percent by 2030. Penn State`s online Bachelor of Laws and Society, offered through its global campus, offers courses such as rights in America, the U.S. legal process, and current legal issues. The degree consists of 30-39 credits of elective courses, allowing learners to complete a second major or minor. The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program is designed to provide students with extensive academic training in general education, basic theoretical legal concepts, and practical applications. This program is designed for students who have an interest in seeking an entry-level position after graduation, or who are ready to take the next step in their career in the legal field. The graduate will be prepared for challenging assignments including case investigation, legal research, and preparation of documents for litigation or business transactions, while working under the supervision of a licensed attorney. For example, the number of jobs for arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators is expected to increase by 10% from 2020 to 2030. Paralegal and paralegal jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent over the same decade, surpassing the average growth rate of 8 percent for all U.S. professions. The course aims to emphasize the development of acute analytical and critical skills while promoting sensitivity to cultural and political diversity.

Graduates can pursue entry-level positions as paralegals in law firms, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and corporations. Some students use our Diploma in Legal Services to earn a Bachelor of Laws. Talk to a course coordinator if you are interested in moving forward this way. The course emphasizes the development of acute analytical and critical skills while fostering sensitivity to cultural and political diversity. Students use modern technology and software from law firms in courses taught in classrooms, computer labs, or in courses offered online on the Savannah campus. South University encourages students to engage in lifelong learning that is beneficial for post-graduation employment and can help them advance in their careers as paralegal professionals. Many graduates work in law firms or law firms and support lawyers as legal secretaries, paralegals or legal assistants. Title reviewers, abstract writers, and researchers specialize in researching and organizing appropriate legal documents. As of May 2020, legal secretaries earned an average annual salary of $52,750, while paralegals earned an average salary of $52,920. Court reporters earned a median annual salary of $61,660. Arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators earned an average of $66,130 per year. Your online law degree will give you a solid understanding of the legal system, legal research, legal writing and professionalism in the field.

They also take courses on advocacy, family affairs, international law, etc. By exploring the intersection of law and business, law and technology, you will remain at the forefront of this ever-changing field. At South University, our partially online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies can give you the relevant skills and experience to become a paralegal in a beginner position as a paralegal in one: SUNY Canton offers several virtual career service tools, including a resume, cover letter, and graduate guides. Online learners can also sign up for individual counselling appointments. Professionals with a background in law can work in a variety of careers and specializations. Salary potential is highly dependent on position, experience, location and organization. Students with a law concentration should ensure that they pursue accredited programs. Accreditation is granted to programs that meet industry and academic standards. Proper accreditation not only sheds a good light on the school, but can also often solidify the value of the degree in the eyes of employers. These professionals support lawyers and paralegals in various administrative tasks. They prepare legal documents and correspondence documents such as subpoenas, motions and subpoenas using appropriate syntax and terminology.

They also communicate with clients, lawyers and other lawyers. Brandman`s Bachelor of Laws consists of 120 credits and covers topics such as white-collar crime, contracts, and ethics in a legal environment. The program ends with a law degree, and learners can choose between the profession of paralegal and concentrations in business law. Many non-profit organizations are committed to reforming the criminal justice system or the relationship between law and order. Some people with a background in law do not work directly in the legal field, but they apply their industry knowledge in non-profit institutions. These professionals can plan fundraising initiatives, monitor budget plans, communicate with corporate sponsors, and oversee day-to-day operations. Find out why Charity Smith chose South University`s Paralegal Studies (PARALE) program in 2018 and how our faculty and staff helped her succeed in school and beyond. These professionals assist lawyers in the collection, drafting, transcription and organization of relevant legal documents.

They research existing laws to inform cases and correspond with lawyers, witnesses and clients. You can also create reports and other legal documents such as contracts. Paralegals and paralegals are generally required to earn an associate degree or certificate in paralegal studies from a program approved by the American Bar Association. Some employers require a bachelor`s degree. You will gain authentic practical experience within the justice system and related organisations. We provide all the necessary foundations for a rewarding career in legal counseling. Other graduates may attend law school, earn a law degree, or pursue a master`s degree in various legal specializations such as business law or a more general master`s degree in law. From 2020 to 2030, BLS predicts that the number of jobs for arbitrators, mediators and arbitrators will increase by 10%. The number of jobs for paralegals is expected to increase by 12%, and the number of jobs for community and social managers is expected to increase by 15%.