Best Family Law Solicitors London

Stuart has been practicing for over 20 years and has extensive experience in family law. As a partner and leader of the family team, he has earned a reputation for providing exceptional care to his clients and working closely with them to provide them with creative and long-term solutions. He advises on divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, financial regulations, changes to enforceable titles, marriage contracts, children`s disputes, family property disputes, cross-border divorce cases and domestic and financial violence injunctions. Stuart also works with other professionals to support his cases, including tax specialists, accountants and financial planners at home and abroad. He is always interested in resolving issues without litigation and aims to guide customers through the process in an efficient, no-surprise, and jargon-free way. As a partner in this highly respected law firm, Neil offers an excellent level of service and strives to work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. His vast and diverse case burden sees him in cases related to divorce or dissolution, same-sex breakdown, financial remedies for high net worth individuals, child issues, and prenuptial arrangements. Neil is also an accredited Resolution Specialist in complex financial and real estate issues (high-income households and large wealth) and private children`s rights. He has a reputation for being calm, knowledgeable and sensitive, offering his clients a high level of expertise in a simple and preventive way. In very rare cases, this is only the legal termination of a marriage or relationship.

As a rule, arrangements should be made for all children in the family, as well as for finances, including real estate, investments, businesses, pensions and income. „They are extremely professional, trustworthy and helpful, in very stressful moments in their clients` lives. All their advice is also very knowledgeable and their customers are really at the center of what they do. From my personal experience, they are absolutely TOP quality and everyone can be sure that they are in the best possible hands for their family business. Legal issues involving children and daycares require competent and caring legal advice from a good family law lawyer who understands the processes involved. We can help you agree on the parent with whom your children will live and visit the rights of the non-custodial parent in a non-confrontational manner by using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. „Katherine Res Pritchard is the leader of the children`s team. She has excellent judgment and provides excellent advice to her clients. Despite the high tensions in such cases, she is always calm and serene and skillfully leads her clients to the best result. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Claire Clarke is an exceptionally confident lawyer. It is an unwavering presence even in the most controversial cases. She is able to think well strategically for each of her clients while providing them with a high level of support in emotionally charged situations. „Probably the best family law team in London! Not a weak link in the chain. Consistent 5 star service. Impossible and unfair to select individuals because they are all so good. However, Stephen Foster deserves special mention, not only for building this team, but also for managing his own very large and successful workload so well. He is an extremely intelligent lawyer and he thinks deeply about his cases and the best strategy to achieve maximum and optimal results. Toby Atkinson is also an excellent lawyer and gives his clients a 110% commitment that goes far beyond what is normally expected. „Customer-oriented. Ready to fight against the customer`s corner, but also, as far as possible, to save the customer from unnecessary disputes. Mark Freedman – very experienced, with a good sense of the final result.

Customers love him and he thinks ahead and leads the customer to the best result for the customer. „The Burges Salmon family team is getting stronger and stronger. Led by the brilliant Sarah Hoskinson, the team handles really complex cases and does it so well. Sarah Hoskinson is absolutely awesome. She is incredibly smart and her knowledge of divorce pensions is incredible. Sarah handles UHNW cases with confidence and charm. Sarah is a fierce opponent, but never unnecessarily aggressive. A true star of their generation.” Family law covers a wide range of disputes. Our team of family law lawyers includes independently accredited specialists in all aspects of family law, including divorce, marriage financing, marriage and post-marriage contracts, cohabitation, children`s rights, child abduction and adoption. „This is the model of dynamic and dynamic boutique practices that have flourished over the past decade. It`s no surprise that Bross Bennett regularly attracts high-profile customers.

Adam Witkover recently completed the work on a long and difficult divorce involving members of a high-profile Middle Eastern royal family. He shows a calm and calm mind and a real ability to reassure his customers even in the most difficult and bitterly contested cases. „A beautiful little, close-knit team that works well together and is committed to doing its best for its customers. Emily Brand immediately reassures clients and takes a pragmatic approach to her cases. Her instinct is right and she is always 10 steps ahead. Goodman Ray has an „extraordinary reputation” with his „wonderful team.” All diligent, dedicated and committed to their clients. Real fighters, determined to ensure the best result for their clients. Diverse and excellent skills and excellent lawyers. It is characterized in particular by international child labour and is regularly appointed by the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit, both in repatriation cases in The Hague and in BIIa cases. She is adept at dealing with cases such as child abduction and forced marriages. Jemma Dally is a Resolution Accredited Adoption Specialist. Janet Broadley is a resolution-accredited expert on child abduction and private rights.