Blue Prism Hardware Requirements

For more information about supported software versions and operating systems, see Software and hardware requirements. The following information describes the recommended minimum hardware requirements for efficiently installing and running Hub and Interact 4.3. For more information about software requirements, see Software Requirements and Interact Permissions. The exact calculation of the necessary hardware requires several parameters such as data volume and usage patterns. However, the general guidelines could be defined as follows: Decipher IDP is a production-ready IDP solution that is tightly integrated with Blue Prism. We recommend that you deploy Decipher IDP on dedicated hardware to better support scalability as your use of Decipher IDP increases. We also recommend that you install and test Decipher IDP in a non-production environment before using it in an active environment. Please note the minimum system requirements in the installation guide for the version of Blue Prism you have installed. For more information, see Blue Prism Help. As with many database applications, Blue Prism can take up shared space in a data center if appropriate database servers are already available. If there are several separate Blue Prism environments, such as development, testing, production or for different parts of the business (HR, finance, operations), each has its own dedicated database. If necessary, these schemas can coexist within the same SQL Server instance, and the Blue Prism application server is then responsible for routing the communication to the appropriate database.

Blue Prism runtime resources are responsible for running the processes assigned to them – they run unattended and are often referred to as digital employees. Process Intelligence requires access to a running SMTP server to send confirmation emails, notifications, invitations, and alerts. The minimum SQL permissions for the user who needs to connect to the database during the installation process must have the appropriate permissions to create or configure the databases in the product, so an appropriate administrator account must be used when running the installation process: getting started with Blue Prism is now easier than ever! Whatever your experience with RPA, you can try Blue Prism for free with just a few clicks. Create a proof of concept with your digital workforce, experience Blue Prism in the cloud, or enhance your automation capabilities with the safest and most feature-rich robotic process automation platform. The following components must be installed and configured for this version of Decipher IDP. Download the Decipher IDP components from the Decipher IDP page of the customer portal. For installation information, see Install Blue Prism, Decrypt VBO and DLL, and Install decryption identity provider. Best practices should be followed with respect to the performance and allocation of disk arrays and their use by Microsoft SQL Server and the underlying operating system. The Blue Prism server is an optional but important component that aggregates database connections and eliminates the need to configure direct connections between the various Blue Prism components and the database.

This depends on the actual amount of data loaded into the application. Production environments may require more disk space, depending on the actual amount of data loaded into the application. Decrypting IDP version 2.1 follows version 1.2. There is no IDP version of decryption between these versions. If this Windows feature is disabled, Process Intelligence Setup prompts you to enable it. After that, you need to restart your computer to apply the changes. Regular archiving of Blue Prism logs, as well as frequent maintenance and servicing of the database server, can be used to control space consumption over time. Processes and objects are stored on the database server (or, for use outside of production, in a local copy of SQL Express). Process Intelligence uses Redis for Linux, so additional software is needed. Please download the following installation packages in the same folder:. Communication between Blue Prism runtime resources, application servers, and the database is typically moderate to high and transactional and interactional in nature, as records are often inserted into the session log, as well as searches and updates performed in workflow tables. Blue Prism`s free trials with two options available – in the cloud or on your local computer – are easily accessible and quick to deploy.

These prerequisites include Java Access Bridge, SAP Scripting, Adobe Acrobat Professional, and terminal emulation software certified for mainframe automation. Installing these prerequisites and the Blue Prism runtime typically requires local administrator privileges. When registering for 10 employees for 4 weeks (1 person generates about 5000 UI events per day): Interactive clients communicate with each connected runtime resource to determine their status. The number of connections made by each device connecting directly is managed by the .NET Framework using SQL connection pools. Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Ubuntu_2004.2020.424.0_x64.appx) Browser (to access the Blue Prism Process Intelligence website) Database configuration: sysadmin (server role) or db_owner (database role) Under certain circumstances, such as if the application servers are not deployed, each Blue Prism component can be configured to establish a direct connection to the database.