Bombe Lacrymogene Legal Ou Pas

Find all our models of tear gas grenades, made exclusively in France, on our site To buy a tear gas grenade, you have 2 options, either in the physical armory, or on the Internet, for example on securicount. If you order your window©bomb directly from our website, you can get it at home in 24 to 48 hours. The transport of a tear gas canister classified as a category D weapon without just cause exposes the person to a fine of 15,000 euros and a prison sentence of one year. The amount of the fine increases to 30,000 euros if the crime is committed by at least 2 people. Similarly, the length of the prison sentence is doubled to 2 years. If the bomb©has been© used©even once, the redemption date changes from the©date of use + about 1 month. You do not feel safe, you need to be reassured, you have already been harassed by a person or an animal on your favorite route? Tear gas can be of great help to you: by its mere presence at your side, its deterrent aspect, or simply by the effects produced, it can save you from delicate situations. You still have to choose the one that is adapted to your situation: if all the disabled products included in our models are terribly effective, the size and format are different: you must choose the one that best suits the conditions in which you are likely to use them. Small models (17ml, 25ml or even 50ml) to put in your pocket or bag.

Larger models (50ml, 75ml) fit in a backpack, your glove box. The largest models are reserved for your home (300ml, 500ml) or your professional activity, which may require the use of these large format accessories. On our specialized website, you can safely buy a legal tear gas canister, telescopic baton or legal Taser. The answer©is no, you are not allowed to wear or wear anti-aggression©rosole except for a©legitimate© reason. If you have a defensive bomb in your pocket, simple arguments like „I`m scared, I don`t feel safe©, I expect danger, ..” will not stand up to a policeman©or© gendarme. The judgment on your situation will be specific to each person who controls you. Maybe one police officer will tell you that you have the right, and another will tell you that no, it is forbidden. Tear gas canisters should be distinguished according to their capacity. Tear gas canisters larger than 100 ml are considered category B weapons. Their detention is therefore subject to authorization.

These are products that are reserved for criminal prosecution in particular. If the use of tear gas is allowed©in these situations, it is still necessary to be able to prove the©legitimacy of the©defense. In the event of a dispute, it is therefore the judicial system that©decides whether an act of retaliation is one or not. Just find a place outside©, without wind and without anyone around you. Then all you have to do is empty© the window bomb by pointing the exit nozzle at the ground. Once the bomb is empty, you can put it in©recyclable waste with products such as aluminum, can, etc. Securicount has a whole range of women`s defense weapons©©©©©for you. You will find on our site several tear gas canisters adapted© to all dangerous situations.

Among these fense bombs, you can opt for a pink model like the 17, 25 or 50 ml bomb©, which is very effective thanks to its pepper gel active ingredient. Pepper gel, also called© O.C. substance, is impressive against any individual, even under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as against aggressive animals. The answer©is a big YES, you can buy and have as much tear gas canister as you want at home, in your home, there is no limit, no restriction. Most tear gas canisters are classified in the 6th category of the general classification of weapons and ammunition. Does not fall into this category and is therefore not considered a weapon of the 6th category, a tear gas canister that: In summary, when you are of legal age, you can buy any type of aerosol and anti-aggression bomb in accordance with French legislation in terms of product, content, container, volume and display. You can only wear it and wear it freely if it is not classified (less than 100ml, CS less than 2%). Finally, with the D classification (volume greater than 100 ml, CS greater than 2% and pepper), you can only transport and transport your aerosol if the reason is legitimate or professional.