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„Gabriel Svedberg uses his previous experience as a managing director in a large IT company to provide legal advice at a higher level than the competition.” „Lindahl did a great job for us. They provide very good legal advice and, more importantly, they have business acumen and always advise taking into account the circumstances and the client`s business. In addition, it is a pleasure to work with them. „I am hiring Per Mildner because he has a unique view of the contract in terms of products, including installation. My contribution is that Per Mildner is an excellent counterpart, as he has a real interest in how legal issues can be applied to support technical solutions, which makes contracts well suited to his intent. Easy access and professional help at an affordable price that adds value for me as a client. „First of all, I have full confidence in their legal capacity and experience. They are excellent lawyers. In addition, it is a pleasure to work with them.

They are very service-oriented, available and have an entrepreneurial spirit. „The team has an exceptional understanding of the environmental framework in relation to municipal law. In our experience, this is unique in that most law firms focus heavily on civil law from a private perspective, which gives this practice an advantage as they understand „both” sides of environmental law. This is beneficial for both local governments and private/corporate clients and has been crucial in meeting our legal advice needs. When it comes to tasks that require collaboration, the practice has been exceptionally cooperative and has proven that this is a fact in terms of internal and external collaboration. „A unique combination of a wide range of legal knowledge combined with specific cutting-edge knowledge in specific areas. This with common sense, so as not to complicate things. Anna has over 25 years of experience in qualified legal and tax practice, the last 20 years at Lindahl and previously PWC and Administrative Court. Anna advises continuously on tax matters for a wide range of clients, in particular clients with cross-border activities, with incorporation and structuring activities as well as the liquidation and restructuring of companies and organisations. Anna regularly assists clients with mergers and acquisitions as well as joint ventures, incentive programs and transfer pricing matters. „Sten Gejrot`s availability and ability to identify and discuss risks from a legal and business perspective – with a great deal of knowledge of our industry – are perhaps Sten`s most remarkable things.

He is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced. „The team was our legal advisor during the preparation and during an IPO in Sweden. The core team worked very well, was attentive, acted quickly and responded. Good advice, good writing skills. „Great team. High legal quality combined with a down-to-earth practical approach. „Anders Eriksson has a very good eye on how to address legal issues in the ongoing operation of complex construction projects. Many of Lindahl`s clients are innovative, knowledge-based companies. In addition to the capacity of a large law firm, we have leading-edge expertise in intellectual property, life sciences, dispute resolution and information and communication technologies (ICT). In addition, we have many years of experience in areas such as banking and finance, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions and real estate. In addition to his work as a board member of several private and listed companies (e.g.

Koenigsegg Automotive AB), Staffan sits on the advisory board of one of Scandinavia`s leading financial institutions. Staffan regularly lectures on property, landlord and tenant issues, for example at the University of Malmö. He also teaches litigation and negotiation techniques as well as mergers and acquisitions and finance at Lund University. „Shervin Shikhan is a partner at the firm and has a reputation as a litigation and arbitration specialist. Shervin`s work is highly strategic, methodical and strongly goal-oriented. He is easy to work with him and clear in his communication. I have found that he has extensive knowledge and understanding of procedural and substantive law. „It`s good and easy to have a dialogue with him. Good consultant. The staff is available and competent. „Balanced team with great local and Swedish expertise in the Swedish real estate market.” „Per Mildner offers a perfect solution and creates added value for negotiations by thinking outside the box and meeting requirements.

Great job! „Mikael Olsson, partner, and Michael Edquist, partner (both in the Uppsala office) are knowledgeable and easy to work with. „Lars Arrhed has key competencies and is responsible for the procurement process and design. He is supported by Hanna Lundqvist, who specializes in public procurement law. I recommend them both, but especially Lars as a team leader. „Lindahl is a true Swedish law firm, has an extensive local (but very international) network with excellent market knowledge. The cooperation with the Malmö office is excellent, with the exceptionally fast and extremely competent handling of cases, the excellent responsiveness and the in-depth knowledge of the entire IP team. Cost estimates and invoices are also clear and transparent. „Sten Gejrot knows the market very well. „Excellent and responsive team; Very commercial in approach and also fast. „Sweden`s most competent team for outsourcing and IT projects. „Balanced staffing in each transaction team. Christian Sundén; Johan Åberg; Mårten Lindberg; Tobias Carlsson Johan Herrström; Gabriel Svedberg; Mats Tindberg; Johan Åberg Gyros Protein Technologies Holding AB (Sjätte AP-fonden and Ampersand Capital Partners) Magnus Löfving; Håkan Rudström; Robert Asplund; Erik Lingsell „They always put the customer first and have their best interest in mind. Solutions oriented. 1994–1999 Stim, Swedish Performing Rights Society „Very dedicated and knowledgeable staff, he immediately understands our needs as customers.” Monica Lagercrantz; Mattias Prage; Helena Lindbäck; Sten Gejrot „I work with Johan Norderyd and I find him competent and commercial in his advice. His team is always organized and does a great job.

Johan is the head of Lindahl`s real estate group. He has extensive experience in real estate transactions and represents several listed companies on an ongoing basis. „The team is very competent and flexible. They have a great understanding of the client`s needs and requirements. „My most important contact is Gabriel Svedberg. He specializes in the software industry and privacy regulations and has always been very supportive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. „They know our business well, so it`s always a quick deal with the problems we have (these are mainly related to cross-border royalty payments).” „Johan Norderyd is one of Sweden`s leading IP lawyers. His attentive, attentive but very responsive nature is highly appreciated by customers.

Added to this is his immense experience and incredibly keen sense of pragmatic and goal-oriented solutions. » 1988-1992 training as a clerk at the District Prosecutor`s Office and District Court Västerås Henrik Nobel; Thorbjörn Wennerholm; Svante Liljedahl; Mattias Prage Johan is a member of Lindahl`s Intellectual Property and Commercial Dispute Resolution groups, which focus on copyright and marketing law. In addition, he specializes in commercial contracts and has extensive contracting experience in the information technology and media industries. Due to his specialist knowledge in these areas, Johan frequently acts as counsel before courts and arbitral tribunals, particularly in disputes relating to breach of contract, breach of contract/use and damages. In addition, Johan acts as legal counsel in construction disputes. „Very practical advice. Know what they are talking about. Advising a law firm in a vague area of law. 1995–1998 Skåne and Blekinge Court of Appeal and Lund District Court „Trustworthy, honest, reliable and empathetic lawyers”. Anders Nilsson; Johanna Näslund; Hanna Lundqvist; Annika Andersson; Lovisa Lagerwall; Lars Arrhed Advokatfirman Lindahl KB represents clients in matters ranging from the registration of new trademarks and filing oppositions to the negotiation of research collaborations and licensing agreements. In addition, the team is active in all sectors, with the media and life sciences industries being two particular focal points.

Johan Norderyd leads the Malmö office team and has over 20 years of experience handling IP issues in Sweden and Europe. Mårten Lindberg focuses on technology, media and entertainment, while Johan Åberg deals with both intellectual property and media law issues.