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If you are not eligible for legal aid, a lawyer may be able to take on your case as part of their pro bono work. Depending on the advice you need, it may be available for free. Some of the free advice sources listed below can give you initial advice before deciding what to do. Others may be able to help you in more complex cases and even represent you in court. As a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, not all clinics in the LawWorks clinic network offer in-person consultations. Some clinics may not be able to offer advice immediately, but will provide a letter or email with a summary of the counselling. LawWorks is a charity that connects lawyers with people who can`t get legal help. It can provide free advice on topics such as: The National Advisory Unit`s website, including finding your nearest CCC. If your case is serious and you cannot afford to pay your legal fees, legal aid can pay some or all of those costs. To make an appointment, your case must be assessed by the intake assessment team.

Please fill out the online form below so that we can first assess your issue. We are currently unable to offer personal consultation appointments until further notice. Customers typically have 30 minutes to an hour to explain a problem, and you`ll get basic advice on next steps. The aim is to provide free legal aid to those who cannot afford to pay for it and do not have access to legal aid. This is a list of law firms that provide legal advice and representation in the areas of community care, public law, education, disability discrimination (please am not a definitive or exhaustive list and inclusion does not imply a personal recommendation by Inclusion London) Legal aid can help cover the costs of legal advice, family mediation and representation before the courts. If you are not able to get legal aid, you are unlikely to receive help through „exceptional case funding.” Your local citizen advisory service can advise you on a variety of topics. Think about what other organizations you`ve joined might be able to help. For example: which ones? provides legal advice when you pay for a subscription. You can find out about what? Legal services on their website. Citizens Advice provides free advice on a variety of topics, including benefits, housing or employment issues. They can advise you by phone or in person at one of their offices.

Get advice and information as early as possible. This could prevent a problem from getting worse. They provide free legal advice and representation (e.g. in case of complaints, through the ombudsman, courts and tribunals) in the areas of community management and employment. A national disability run charity that specialises in providing free legal advice and information to people with disabilities, their families and carers. If you prefer to talk to someone face-to-face, your local Age UK can suggest reliable sources of information and advice. They also have their own information and advice service that can help you with issues such as social welfare, social benefits and housing. You can search for a free legal aid clinic on the LawWorks website – it also has information about other organizations that may be able to help you. Find out if you can get legal help for help in civil matters. Your legal counsel will usually seek legal help on your behalf. You may have to pay legal fees if you lose your case and the other party has received professional legal assistance. Unions can sometimes offer free legal help, such as finding and paying for a lawyer – and not just for labour issues.

If a consulting agency or free service can`t help you, you may need to seek advice from a private lawyer. This may include assistance with writing a will, establishing a standing power of attorney, buying or selling a home, or divorcing. These organizations will provide individuals with legal advice and representation. Legal counsel can be found on the Law Society`s website. You can also contact your nearest citizen advice service to ask if they have a list of legal aid lawyers. You usually have to show that you can`t afford to pay for this help. You may have to pay some of the money for the legal fees of your case or reimburse the costs later. You can check the prices of some common services on the lawyers` websites. You need to view prices to get advice such as: You need to make an appointment to see a lawyer at one of LawWorks` legal aid clinics. Legal advice, case preparation and advocacy before labour courts (and appeals against labour court decisions); social security appeals to the Court of First Instance (and appeals against such decisions); and criminal compensation cases. The search function below shows all clinics that are open and able to counsel in person, by phone, email and digitally. If your case is criminal, you should ask your lawyer if you can get legal help.

Once you leave the police station, any legal aid you may receive is based on your income. Some lawyers give 30 minutes of legal advice for free. Some offer a flat fee – so you know in advance how much the consultation will cost. You can call a law firm and ask if they offer a free half hour or a flat fee. A charity that helps find pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer lawyers for individuals and organizations that cannot afford to pay and cannot receive public funding (legal aid). If you`ve joined a road car insurance organization, you may find that they offer cheap or free assistance, especially for legal issues with the car or accidents. Check or call your membership contract to see if they can help you. A charity that works with law firms and legal professionals to involve them in pro bono work.