Mine Manager Certificate of Competency Requirements

When a mine operator assesses a person`s qualifications as a mine manager under the EWS Amending Regulations, SafeWork SA takes the following position: This fact sheet provides information on the requirements for the First Class Mine Manager Certificate of Competency. To support this work, the Department of Energy and Mines (DEM) has engaged a consultant, Mr. Bryan Russell, to conduct a comprehensive review of the legal requirements for the competence of mine managers in South Australia. In September 2016, Mr. Russell released his Review of Mine Manager Competency Legislation: The Mines and Works Inspection Regulations 2013 Options Paper (the Russell Report). The qualifications required for legally required metal mining positions are determined by the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee. Mine operators and managers should be aware of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, 2012 (EHS Act) and the Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Regulations, 2012. The Examination Board shall keep a list of certificates and opinions issued. To check if such a has been issued, envoyez-BOESecretary@rshq.qld.gov.au an e-mail. According to the EWS Amendments Regulations, a mine operator must ensure that he has appointed a mine manager competent with respect to the mine at all times. The process for coordinating audits of mine managers` certificates takes place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Mineral Resources. Mine employees in positions required by law must demonstrate that they have the appropriate skills and knowledge to perform their duties. This page contains information on the qualifications required for statutory positions in mining, including obtaining qualifications and agent notices issued by the Queensland Board of Examiners.

Has at least 5 years of experience in a mine and: (225 ILCS 705/5.22) (from chap. 96 1/2, para. 522) section 5.22. And as long as people are in the pit, with compressed air or through a mechanical or chemical-mechanical device that does not emit sparks or flames, he must ensure that the inspection of gases and other hazards is often carried out by competent personnel. (Source: Statutes of 1953, p. 701.) The qualifications required for some positions include a certificate of competency or a communication from the Board of Examiners. The responsible mine manager does not need to be the highest person on site. The responsible mine manager must meet competency requirements based on change. Audit Board Secretary Safety and Health Resources QueenslandGPO Box 1321BRISBANE QLD 4001 Email: BOESecretary@rshq.qld.gov.au Holder of a degree in mining engineering from a university or college in Australia or an equivalent degree as determined by the regulatory authority. (225 ILCS 705/5.03) (according to chap.

96 1/2, para. 503), para. 5.03. It is illegal for any operator to operate an underground coal mine without the services of a mine manager. In addition, it is illegal for the operator of a coal mine to have in his employ as mine manager in his mine any person who is not in possession of a certificate of competence issued by the mining authority of that State; However, if a need arises which prevents an operator from having recourse to the direct services of a licensed mine manager, an operator may appoint a trusted and experienced person of the Mine Inspection District responsible for his mine as temporary manager of the mine for a period not exceeding 7 days and with the consent of the State Inspector of Mines of the district, for an additional period not exceeding 23 days. (Source: Statutes of 1955, p. 2012.) (225 ILCS 705/5.04) (according to chap. 96 1/2, para. 504), para. 5.04. The certificate of a mining manager may be cancelled and revoked by the Mining Authority after publication and consultation in accordance with this Law if, in the opinion of that mining authority, it is established that the holder of such certificate has acquired his experience by fraud or misrepresentation or has become unworthy of holding such certificate by reason of a violation of the law. excessive habits, incompetence, abuse of power or for other reasons.

Any person against whom charges or complaints are filed shall have the right to appear before the mining authority and defend himself against such allegations and shall notify such accusation in writing 15 days before such hearing. The Board of Mines may, in its sole discretion, suspend the certification of any of the above persons pending such a hearing, but such hearing may not be unduly postponed. (Source: Acts of 1953, p. 701.) (225 ILCS 705/5.20) (According to chap. 96 1/2, para. 520) para. 5.20. He or his assistant must be at his post in the pit when the men have descended into the mine for work in the morning, and remain at night until all the men employed during the day have been lifted.

(Source: Statutes of 1953, p. 701.) (225 ILCS 705/5.01) (chap. 96 1/2, para. 501) para. 5.01. An applicant for a certificate of competency as a mine manager must furnish proof that he or she is a citizen of the United States and is at least 23 years of age; has at least 4 years of practical experience in underground mining; has obtained a certificate of proficiency as a mine inspector issued by another State or an equivalent certificate; and has successfully completed the training required by the Ministry in first aid for the wounded and mine rescue methods and equipment; and that he is a man of good repute and moderate habits. He must also pass the examination for his experience in mining and human administration; knowledge of mining machinery and equipment; the use of surveys and other instruments used in mining; the properties of firedamp; ventilation principles; and the legal obligations and responsibilities of mine managers as prescribed by the rules of the Committee on Mines. Individuals who have an engineering degree or a 4-year accredited program in coal mining technology from an accredited school, college or university only need 2 years of practical experience in underground mining to qualify for the Certificate of Qualification examination. Individuals who have earned an Associate of Science degree in Applied Science in Coal Mining Technology from an accredited school, college or university only need 3 years of hands-on experience in underground mining to qualify for the Certificate of Qualification exam. (Source: P.A. 79-876.) SafeWork SA may publish a notice in the South Australian Government Gazette setting out specific competency requirements such as experience and qualifications. Instead, a mine operator must independently assess an individual`s competence as a mine manager.

To obtain a first-class mine manager certificate, you must possess academic credentials acceptable to the Audit Board. You must contact the Board of Directors before submitting your application and before starting a program of study in order to obtain your certificate. This fact sheet provides the timing and location of VA Competency Certificates. Contact the Managing Director of the Audit Committee Telephone: (08) 9358 8014 E-mail: boe@dmirs.wa.gov.au (225 ILCS 705/5.16) (according to chap. 96 1/2, para. 516) para. 5.16. He shall measure or cause to be measured or cause to be measured the air flow at the inlet and outlet, including the last open section of each compartment or slot, and shall keep a record of such measurements for the information of the State of Mines Inspector.