Neo Sapien Definition

After the end of the war, it was decided that the best way to deal with the Neosapiens was to give them continuity and freedom so that they would no longer be oppressed and thus could live in peace with the people. To this end, an extra-large final brood of Neosapiens was created, with the sterilization treatments removed. With this action, Neosapiens became a viable race that no longer depended on test-tube cultivation for survival. It is not clear whether this new brood is able to interbreed with older Neosapiens, or whether some kind of treatment was given to previous generations to allow reproduction. It`s unclear if this would have worked, as the series was canceled before many details could be announced. All people alive today are Homo sapiens. „Homo” means „human” in Latin and refers to the genus, a broad category that includes several species that share certain traits. „Sapiens” means „wise” and refers to the particular species to which all humans on the planet belong. Another group of hominids, of the genus Australopithecus, shared characteristics with modern humans, but also had many physical differences.

Lucy is the nickname of a famous female Australopithecus afarensis discovered in Ethiopia in 1974. Its scientific name is AL 288-1 [4]. Neosapiens are the people of the new digital age who have rapidly evolved from Homo sapiens over the past 30 to 40 years. They work effortlessly in large groups with their eye-catching communication devices. I find that they prefer precision to inaccuracy, they are inflexible rather than affable, they work ethically but without emotions and would value efficiency more than perseverance. These characteristics of Neo sapiens differ from the traditional social constructs of Homo sapiens, which have evolved over millennia. Their advanced ability to work in a digital environment and artificial intelligence allows them to acquire new skills relatively easily, compared to sapiens, which adapt and change relatively more slowly. They represent Max Weber`s „mindless, heartless sensualist” specialists. As this philosopher of the late 19th century suggested – Neo sapiens presupposes such nullity that they have reached a level of civilization never reached before.

(6) The increased mental abilities of Neosapiens are manifested by a greater predisposition to logical reasoning and eidetic memory. On the other hand, they are burdened by a lack of creativity and imagination, which makes them vulnerable to irrational or illogical military tactics and much less flexible than Earthlings once they have made a decision. Neosapiens are immune to mental scans, but dogs are able to detect their scent from a distance and usually behave aggressively towards them. It was only with the Neosapian War that many of them gained their freedom and joined the Neosapian order. Neosapiens are represented with many physical characteristics that are far superior to humans. These characteristics include greater strength, speed, endurance, hearing and vision. In addition, they need very little food, do not need to sleep and have a much higher life expectancy than Earthlings. In fact, Neosapiens has been genetically optimized in virtually every physical attribute. This optimization is presented as the result of the creation of the Neosapiens as a slave race, and in the series, they were mainly exploited to exploit the hostile environments of newly colonized Mars. Visually, the Neo Megas looked like very thin and small Neosapiens with disproportionate heads.

His hands had only three fingers and his feet only three toes. They were able to communicate with each other via high-frequency sounds and enter a state of coma at will. Some sources indicate that the first Neo Mega breeding facility was located on Ceres. At the turn of the century, with the digital revolution, Sapiens ventured deep into a new area of growth. They formed unprecedented communication networks and worked effortlessly in very large and effective groups. This rapid change in recent decades has occurred much faster than the evolutionary changes this species has ever experienced. Advances in digital social networks, artificial intelligence and deep learning have created a subspecies within sapiens – Neo sapiens. Neosapiens were created in 2040 by Earthlings to serve as slave laborers on Mars, as part of their terraforming efforts there and on Venus. This also explains their appearance: the blue skin would make them clearly visible on Mars and their well-muscled physique would make them very strong workers.

Phaeton appreciated the abilities of the Neolords, but was generally suspicious of them and preferred to surround himself with other Neosapiens. However, in the final days of the war, as Phaeton became increasingly paranoid and insane, he used the Neo Lords to purge his own Neosapian generals. Many people want to know their family history: how their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents were and where they come from, or if they are related to an important historical figure. Or they may want to know if a physical trait or behavior they share with an aunt or cousin has been passed down from a common relative. Scientists called paleoanthropologists are interested in the family history of Homo sapiens, the species to which all humans living today belong. Unlike paleontologists, who study dinosaur remains, paleoanthropologists study hominid remains. Hominids are a group of primates that includes humans and all of our extinct ancestors and relatives, most of whom lived in the last 6 to 7 million years. Like someone trying to find a family tree, paleoanthropologists try to determine which of the extinct hominids could be our direct ancestors and which are just distant cousins.

These scientists are also trying to understand what hominids ate, where they lived, how they died, and other things about the lives of these former relatives. Interestingly, Neo sapiens has evolved at lightning speed from Sapiens, who are unaware of this transformation happening to them under their supervision! The evolutionary process of Neo sapiens from sapiens is fascinating, especially in the last century. Um die Wende zum 20. In the nineteenth century, while the Sapiens of Western Europe were busy advancing scientific and technological knowledge, others in some parts of the world continued to be stifled by their inability to get rid of traditional lifestyles and their inflexibility. Decade after decade, new methods of artistic and scientific recording have testified to the striking differences in the quality of life of sapiens between those who advanced with new knowledge and others locked within walls of ancient wisdom through religion, culture and customs. Following Charles Darwin`s 1859 observation „Adapt or Perish,” some nations undertook political and cultural reforms. In particular, Meiji Ishin (Meiji restoration) in Japan is one of the glaring examples of a rapid transition of a group of sapiens from traditional methods to modern methods and thus to a position from which they can evolve into Neo Sapiens. Neosapiens are depicted as humans seven to nine feet tall with pale blue skin. Over the course of the series, they are identified as products of selective genetic engineering, which exhibit many characteristics that distinguish them from humans. They are depicted with four fingers on each hand, two of which are opposable thumbs (effectively double their grip strength), with four toes and are completely hairless.

Each neo-Sapian depicted has a colored tattoo, a so-called brood mark, on the forehead, which indicates in which brood they were created. The reproductive sign is unique to each Neosapian and helps distinguish them from each other (presumably for the benefit of humans, as Neospaia characters say more than once that people think all „Neos” look alike. A faint reference to racial prejudice, which is a common nuance in the series). Their lack of visual distinctiveness is probably due to the fact that they were artificially made from stem genes. Although there are neosapiens characters that have both male and female characteristics, they are effectively sterilized and do not have their own reproductive capacity. Towards the end of the series, the creation of a final Neosapiene brood with human reproductive abilities is proposed as a way to promote equality between the two races. Neo Warriors were fighting machines designed by Praetorius to do the dirty work for Neosapiens. Neo-warriors were the least humanoid of all neosapian broods and combined the traits of various Earth animals (birds of prey, crabs, eagles, bats, etc.) with rather unusual abilities such as acid saliva that could dissolve even the strongest alloys. With the invention of the Neo Warriors and later the Neo Lords, traditional Neosapiens were freed from the obligation to serve in the ground forces and were able to focus on controlling the E-frames. There were a total of three generations of neo-warriors, each smarter and deadlier than the last. The genetic engineering of Neosapiens was imperfect, so all Neosapiens feared developing an automutation syndrome. Although the exact nature of this disorder has never been properly studied, it is said that a neosapian`s DNA becomes unstable and turns his body into a pile of mush.

Causes include spontaneous degeneration, artificial means, or severe physical trauma. Phaeton, the leader of the second Neosapian revolt, developed this disorder himself after his fall from Mars-Olympus Mons during a battle with J.T. Marsh and completely limited it to a survival suit for the rest of his life. The event seems to indicate a lack of capabilities in the morphallaxis process in Neosapiens. At the end of the Neosapian War, there was still no known cure for automutation syndrome. Almost all Neosapiens were slaves in the mines of Mars before the first Neosapian revolt in 2069. Although they gained extensive rights after the revolts (including control of Mars), most Neosapiens still lived in virtual slavery.