Nmcsd Legal Office

Website: sandiego.tricare.mil/About-Us/Contact-Us/Ombudsman Email: nmcsd.ombudsman@gmail.com POWERS OF ATTORNEY/NOTARIAL SERVICES (WALK-IN ONLY) Monday – Thursday 0800-1130 and 1300-1500 Friday 0900-1100 EXECUTION OF WILLS (For clients with outstanding estate planning documents) Monday to Thursday 1100 and 1500 Friday 1100 If you would like to provide feedback on our support and service, please access our system Interactive Customer Assessment (AIC) and send an ICE feedback card. INFORMATION ADVICE ONLY Insolvency Claims against the government Conservatories State residency and residency issues Guardianship Insurance contracts Living trusts Military rights and benefits Out-of-State Divorces Out-of-State Arrest Warrants Pre- and Post-Marriage Contracts Review of Real Property Contracts (including leases) Small Claims Court Subpoena Issues Transmutation Agreements Tax self-help in Immigration matters (tax season only) We are here to help. You can contact a customer service specialist at (619) 532-6418/16 or email the Naval Medical Center San Diego Patient Relations Office. After going through a long message about what I needed, I chose an option and received. „No one is available at this point” really. So why have the opportunity to talk to a „real” person? By the way, I am a retired lawyer and if something like this happened under my leadership, be prepared. Higher education. I could understand why serving members are so lost when it comes to legal assistance.