Ryerson Law School Reviews

Claim your ad for free to respond to reviews, update your profile, and manage your listing. He believes the roles backfired after the fledgling law school established its administration and a focus on „Bay Street” that he says conflicts with its social justice brand. His past as a convicted black drug dealer may have been part of his situation, he believes. Ultimately, Ryerson University`s Faculty of Law will have a serious negative impact on the articling period and, therefore, on mental health. We can all attest to the stress and anxiety we face when looking for work, focusing on success and paying off our lines of credit. A similar pattern can be seen in the medical school graduate community, which is facing a shortage crisis in physician assistant positions. In September 2016, after two rounds of residency applications, a graduate of McMaster Medicine University committed suicide. Although this was due to inadequate mental health services, the student made it clear that his action was motivated by the inability to find housing. You may think I`m interested in confronting Ryerson`s dreams of a legal institution. But the reality is that Ryerson`s opening of a law school won`t affect those of us graduating until 2023. The legal profession values seniority and experience – those of us who graduate before Ryerson even exists have little to fear.

However, there are obvious drawbacks to Ryerson`s opening of a law school that need to be highlighted for the benefit of future graduates: the negative impact on articling students, the failure to promote access to justice, and its impact on the mental health of future law students. With respect to Ryerson, it seems to me that the general consensus is that students will be reluctant to attend such a new law school, so the most competitive students will refrain from doing so in the early years. This will affect employers` perception of the quality of students and will have a negative impact on the first group of students with regard to the formal recruitment processes of the first and second year. In addition, we rely on many other areas of the university. Many faculties in the TMU Ted Rogers School of Management and Criminology Department have advanced law degrees and conduct legal research, and experienced law school administrators are already working at the university. Nevertheless, links with law firms are crucial to Ryerson University and, given the relatively fleeting nature of its law school, it has attracted several law firms to fund some of its scholarships. This is probably the optimal way for law firms to pursue future legal talent and potential Lincoln Alexander candidates. I`m enrolling in law school this year and I finally want to stay in Toronto for personal reasons. I have a small chance to come to Osgoode and none for the UdT. I would like to hear people`s views on what Ryerson will be.

I am interested in technology law. I would like to hear from the people who are already working as lawyers in Toronto. He feels heard and supported by his classmates and professors, but not by the law school administration. At the time, he began law school, desperately seeking financial support, saying living in Toronto and studying cost him about $70,000 a year. The medical field currently faces similar problems when there are not enough residency spaces for medical school graduates in Canada. Students are not placed after spending more than $100,000 on tuition. Recently, one of these students even took his own life because he suffers from psychological anxiety associated with not having a residency position. [9] Like the medical profession, it is quite clear that the legal profession cannot currently support more graduates and that we are experiencing similar results.

While Ryerson University`s first cohort of law graduates wouldn`t enter the law market until 2023, this discussion is important now. The impact of opening another law school in a city that already has two will have an even greater impact on current issues surrounding articling. While the University of Toronto likes to boast of its impressive article placement statistics, we are an anomaly on the law school scene. Many Toronto businesses are unable to pay their students or compensate them at more than minimum wage. I find it absurd that someone would want to add another cohort of law students to those who, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on this education and on their pre-law studies, will earn less money than someone with a high school diploma working in the fast food industry. Before we even dream of opening another law school, we need to solve the internship crisis. It seems unreasonable to open another legal institution that: (1) produces about 150 additional graduates per year; (2) require students to pay at least $20,000 per year in tuition plus living expenses, which motivates them to seek limited important law articles and associated jobs to pay off their debts; (3) exacerbate the articulation problem and increase the number of LPP registrations; and (4) require more students to accept unpaid or low-paid work. As Life Councillor Bradley Wright said, the number of students attending law schools is growing far beyond the population. [7] This is troubling. Ish Aderonmu entered the opening class of Ryerson University`s new law program as one of the most prominent faces of a program seen as progressive and rooted in social justice, diversity, equality and inclusion — a „different kind of law school,” according to promotional materials.

On the law program`s website, which invites prospective students to become a „Linc lawyer,” a presentation begins with „It`s time to think bigger about representation and inclusion” and ends with a kicker, „It`s time for a different kind of law school.” Similarly, law school spaces are competitive across Ontario. Everywhere it is generally good, although different schools have different goals. With that in mind, I strongly advise you not to study law in Toronto. If you want to build a network of friends for life, go to a school outside a big city. I`ve been to Queens and can`t recommend it highly enough. Your law school network is also critical to career opportunities and pivots. I reached out to friends from law school to give me interviews or get an introduction to my previous and current job. It`s time to put the brakes on the idea of Ryerson Law and look at the negative impact of opening another law school in Toronto.

The GPA, if applicable, and LSAT will continue to be considered for this category and the essential components of the holistic assessment. We welcome and encourage Indigenous candidates to apply to our program. We are committed to improving Indigenous peoples` access to law schools and increasing their representation in the legal field. Students interested in the program are encouraged to register at the beginning of each academic year. With the Mentor in the Field program, students have the opportunity to be matched with someone from the same background. Students are also matched with lawyers from law firms, industry and government, based on their interests in the legal industry. „I believe that if I were a Canadian-born white man, I would have been treated with more respect and credibility. I feel that despite my acceptance to law school and my proven skills, Tanya De Mello views people in my background as inherently inferior,” he wrote in his complaint. While I disagree, there may very well be a need for a new law school in Ontario. But not in the most saturated legal market in Canada. Instead of opening another school in Toronto, we need to push to open schools in underserved communities.

For example, there are no law schools in Ontario between Osgoode and Western – Hamilton and the Kitchener-Waterloo areas would be prime locations for a law institution.