Servable Legal Support Co

** We also offer skip tracing to locate defendants and legal messaging services A division of Sizeable Consulting, LLC, Servable Legal Support Company, is the easiest way to get important documents into the right hands at the right time. Let Servable be your one-stop shop for all your process services and process support. We are proud to serve our community and love what we do. Contact us today to get the best process delivery results for your case. We guarantee at least three service attempts. Our court case is transparent and effective. Best of all, we still believe in professional and courteous customer service. Servable combines a deep understanding of NYCPLR (New York Civil Practice Law and Rules) with GPS technology and streamlines logistics. * Divorce * Family * Surrogate * Child Support * Protection Order * Landlord and Tenant * Subpoena and Complaint * OHCOW, Documents and Applications * Summonses * Court Records * Purchase of Index Numbers * Submission of Affidavits and much more If you are looking for a trial server experienced in finding hard-to-reach and evasive defendants, You`ve found the right company.