Trans European Law Firm Alliance

Build a network of like-minded independent law firms. The fact that TELFA`s member firms are independent offers clients a flexible alternative to the global law firm model, where national policy sometimes competes with client service needs. TOLFA focuses on customer service by providing quality legal advice. Cross-border support can either be managed by the member firm in your own jurisdiction or directly engage a member firm in one or more foreign jurisdictions, with a personal introduction if you prefer. In 2007, USLAW established a mutual relationship with TELFA, the Trans-European Law Firm Alliance, a network of more than 30 independent law firms in Europe representing more than 1,000 lawyers. TELFA`s member firms now have more than 1000 lawyers across Europe, and including USLAW, the network consists of more than 6000 professionals. Thanks to the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become one of the strongest alliances of independent law firms in Europe. TELFA was founded in 1989 to serve clients doing business in European countries. Thanks to the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become one of the strongest alliances of independent law firms in Europe. TELFA`s vision is to create and maintain a network of independent law firms that share a similar philosophy. TELFA member firms do not „sell” products, but build relationships with their clients to become trusted advisors who enable us to serve our clients more effectively. Stay tuned as TELFA member firms share on-site insights and knowledge on the latest legal events impacting overall business in select global markets. In each short video clip, TELFA members will share details of their jurisdiction, inform about the latest country-specific legal decisions, and describe what the landscape looks like.

(from October 2020) TELFA enjoys great stability from member companies who have known each other for years and work together in a spirit of trust. This ensures a high level of service for customers. This strategy has been TELFA`s trademark for over 30 years. The Yearbook of International Organizations (YBIO) contains more than 72,500 organization profiles, additional information in profiles, sophisticated search functions and data export. For more information about YBIO, please click here or contact us. TELFA – Trans-European Law Firms Alliance – was founded in 1989 to serve clients operating throughout Europe. TELFA Trans European Law Firm`s Alliance TELFA Limited registered in England and Wales – Registered No. 6395885 Registered office: 52 Bedford Row – London WC1R 4LR – DX 166 London Chancery Lane TELFA now has a connection to USLAW, which offers all PELFA customers privileged access to the same quality of service in the United States. Just as the foundation of good service to our clients is based on strong personal relationships, so do the lawyers who make up TERFA`s members.

TELFA`s lawyers get to know each other both professionally, working together on client assignments, and socially – a UK client who needs advice and support in Italy will likely be told: „You have to see my friend Jasper in Berlin… ». This information is part of the Open Yearbook, a free service of the UIA`s Directory of International Organisations (YBIO). It contains profiles of non-profit organizations active worldwide in all fields of activity. The information contained in the profiles and search functions of this free service is limited. The UIA is one of the leading providers of information on international non-profit organizations. The objective of the Open Yearbook is to promote the activities of international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) and intergovernmental organisations (IGOs). Karen Verkerk of Dirkzwager in the Netherlands and President of TELFA provides a brief overview of TELFA and how USLAW NETWORK members and their clients can contact TELFA lawyers when legal issues arise.