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If there is more than one tutor and his term ends for one of these reasons, the other tutors remain tutors, unless otherwise specified in their appointment. A guardian can be any natural or legal person of legal age who fully exercises his or her civil rights. On the other hand, a person is not fit to be a legal guardian if he or she has a criminal record, if he or she has a bad relationship with the ward, if he or she is a minor or legally incapacitated, or if he or she has already been deprived of another guardianship or parental authority. We check if there is room for this recognition, we help you in the process of voluntary jurisdiction so that a judge recognizes you as guardian of the minor. Notwithstanding sections 447 and 448, the legal or biological parents and any other person may, by will or act between living persons, appoint a tutor or curator, provided that they make a gift or transfer to the ward a part of their property that is not attributable to the legacy. I need to prepare a legal document for the assignment of the cutador or guardian in case of death Assign it to the appropriate person Please send me a template of this format to elaborate Thank you Hello Lina, in order to appoint a guardian for the girl, you need to apply to a family court judge for this appointment through a voluntary jurisdiction procedure, You can apply to be the girl`s guardian and she would be in your custody, we can help you with the whole process of appointing a guardian before the family judges, you can go to our office at Calle 50 #64c – 53 and we will give you all the advice of the case and we can take over the case. Several tutors or curators may also be appointed by will to replace or replace each other; and has determined the replacement or succession for a particular case, applies to other cases in which the tutor or curator is absent; unless it is obvious that the testator intended to limit the replacement or succession to the designated case(s). Hello, I am 20 years old and a friend wants me to be the total guardian of her baby she wants me to stay with the baby of everything while she leaves the country it is legally possible You can not give a guardian or a general curator to the one who is under parental authority, ©unless it is suspended by court decision in one of the cases listed in article 315. Before deciding on the authorisation of the account, the judicial authority shall, if necessary, also hear the new guardian and the guardianship or their heirs. In general, most states require that the person who wishes to be appointed as legal guardian meet the following requirements: Therefore, if you wish to be appointed legal guardian of a person, it is recommended that you hire a family attorney with knowledge in the field to help you with guardianship matters. Hello! I have a conflict with my younger brother (half-brother), I want to know if I can ask for parental authority and take custody of my mother, she left her son and left him in my custody.

The problem is that parents can take it away from me because I am not a guardian. Although I have a good relationship with his father, he has already told me that I have everything to lose if he judges me. My brother is already 15 years old. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much! If the guardian does not properly perform the function of guardian of the minor, he may be removed from his sanctioned functions. Good evening: I would like to know if the figure of guardian can be established for the property of a minor. In my case, specifically I have a daughter and I no longer live with the father, I own certain property, but I want my parents to be the ones who keep the daughter`s estate until she comes of age and not the girl`s father. It`s possible??? The tutor`s mandate expires when the causes that caused it cease. For example, if a guardian has been appointed for a minor, if he or she reaches the age of majority or is adopted. Hello, I have a question if I could work together, I am guardian of my 15 year old sister, my parents are dead and she is in rebellion, she says she does not want to live in my current city, I have an older brother, but because of the behavior of the minor he does not want to take care of her.

Since we are both the only family you have, can anyone else ask for tutoring? What do I need to do to give it up since I`m pregnant and don`t feel able to continue this commitment? Thank you if you could advise me because I have already tried to deliver it to charity, but because they have a family, they do not understand and no other institution takes care of it. Finally, if the ward`s property permits, the tutor is entitled to remuneration determined by a judge according to a certain number of circumstances (work to be done, value of the property, etc.). Hello, I am a student, and in a topic they ask me the format or how this sentence is made, the document as such issued by the judge to appoint the guardian of the child in Colombia, I would like to know if they could help me in general, the appropriate people for the appointment of the guardian for minors are the closest relatives. That is, grandparents, uncles or older siblings. The guardian is responsible for the full care of the child, for example: If you are the guardian of a minor and qualify for a survivor`s pension, you must contact the pension fund. Well, a friend left the country and left her youngest son responsible for her other adult child, now she wants to take her out of the country, but they can`t process the passport for the minor because there is no legal guardian. Could he process it from the country where it is located? The father is dead. Thanks to The guardian is obliged to take care of the wards and in particular: The judicial approval of accounts does not prevent the exercise of acts that can help each other by virtue of the guardianship between the guardian and the minor or their beneficiaries. If the decision on a tutorship or board of trustees is delayed for any reason, or if a pregnancy occurs during the decision that prevents the tutor or curator from continuing to exercise© it for a certain period of time, it will be granted by the judge, tutor or interim curator for the duration of the delay or disability. This number is regulated by the Civil Code. To be a legal guardian, certain requirements must be met. Two or more tutors or curators may be appointed by will to exercise custody at the same time; and the testator has the power to divide the administration among them.

Hello, I live in Argentina and my sister wants to send me her son to study here with me, is it possible to be his guardian and if possible, can his guardianship be managed while I am there and here? If the tutor or curator invokes the excessive complication of the curator`s affairs and his inability to administer them fully, requests that a curator be added to him, the judge or the warden may give his agreement after hearing the parents of the ward and the respective defence lawyer.