University of Victoria Admissions Requirements

Learn everything you need to know to become a University of Victoria student, from choosing a program and reviewing admission requirements to submitting your application and marking your grades. After consultation with the candidate, the maximum duration of the review shall be determined by a majority vote of the committee, but may not exceed one year from the date of the oral examination. A detailed and complete list of required revisions will be established by a majority vote of the Examination Board and will be given to the student at the end of the examination. The first supervisor supervises the revision of the dissertation or dissertation. If the first supervisor determines that the revisions meet the requirements agreed upon during the examination, the first supervisor distributes the thesis or dissertation to the other members of the examination board. If acceptable to the committee, the senior supervisor should ensure that each committee member signs the approval documents, including the thesis/thesis approval form. Students may conduct an oral examination if the supervisory board is satisfied that the thesis, thesis or project is a verifiable document for the study requirements. The Supervisory Committee for numbers 599 and 699 confirms this by signing the Request for Oral Review form. This form must be submitted to the Dean of Studies 30 working days for doctoral students and 20 working days for master`s students before the date of the oral examination. Information on the procedure for oral examinations can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. We reserve the right to reject applicants based on their overall academic performance, even if they technically meet the published admission requirements.

We also do not guarantee that students who meet the published minimum requirements will be admitted to any faculty, program or course. Master`s and Master`s programs are similar in the general program requirements, but differ in the type of choice and thesis. Check your program for application deadlines and admission requirements. You must also meet the University of Victoria`s English language requirements. Specific admission requirements can be found in individual study programs. There are two types of requirements for admission to graduate studies at the University of Victoria. You must meet the minimum admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (below). In addition, you must meet the requirements of your academic unit. To check the admission requirements for the Faculty of Human and Social Development`s Bachelor of Health Information Sciences, follow the simple instructions on the Admission Requirements page.

Please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information on admission requirements. International students must have the minimum qualifications for their country or program of study (see below) and meet the specific requirements of your program. You must also demonstrate a high level of academic achievement. If you are enrolled at another university or college, you can take courses at the University of Victoria that count towards your degree at your home institution. Further information on admission requirements for students can be found in the bachelor`s calendar. If you have already graduated from high school, college or university, send your official transcript directly to the University of Victoria. If the country where you are currently studying requires students to take final exams and/or entrance exams for university admission, you will be asked to submit these results as a condition of your offer of admission. We also accept SAT, ACT or AP exam results instead of university entrance exams. You must prove that you are proficient in English to attend the University of Victoria.

Learn more about our English language requirements. (a) A sudden illness or emergency situation that prevents the investigation from being completed; an external environmental situation arises that requires premature termination of the test (e.g. fire alarm, power failure or natural disaster); or if the technology used fails and cannot be repaired in time to continue the investigation. If two or more members of the Examination Board object to the student`s success, the student will not be recommended for graduation. In this case, the committee must submit a written report to the Dean of Graduate Studies within 14 calendar days of the date of the oral examination stating the reasons for the decision. A student who fails the oral examination has the right to appeal and should consult with the Dean of Graduate Studies on appropriate procedures. Submit your application through the University of Victoria`s EducationPlannerBC application service before your program deadline. A candidate who is not recommended for a degree by the Board of Examiners is not eligible for readmission to a graduate program in the same academic unit. The graduate program is primarily research-based and the end result of the program is the presentation and defense of a thesis. All students must participate in a 3-day field camp at the beginning of their program (late August-early September) as part of ES 500. Additional course fees will be charged for the field camp. The supervisory board as well as a president and at least one other auditor from outside the university.

These external reviewers are appointed by the Dean of Studies in consultation with the scientific unit(s) and must be independent authorities in the field of research studied. You will receive an introductory email from your University of Victoria Admissions Associate who can answer your questions and assist you through the application process. Most students who apply for undergraduate studies at UVic follow our standard admissions process. These include the Board of Directors and a Chair appointed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, as well as an external auditor who has never been involved in supervising the nominee`s graduates. The external auditor may be from the home ministry, provided that at least one member from outside the unit is represented on the supervisory committee. This result should not be confused with failure (see 5th error, below). An adjournment can be requested in three different cases: We will only contact you by e-mail. Add to your secure email senders to make sure UVic messages don`t get stuck in your spam filter. If you are concerned that your high school grades will not meet our minimum threshold in the courses offered for admission, there is another way. We value students who make valuable contributions to their school, their community and their world. These categories allow applicants to submit additional information that is not considered in the general admission process. The implementation of the program can be flexible; However, students usually start their program in September.

Current tuition fees for domestic and international students can also be found on the homepage of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Specific details on interdisciplinary PhD programs can be found under this link. The Dean of Graduate Studies appoints a chair from outside the academic unit for final oral examinations 599 and 699. Ordinary and emeritus members may participate. Oral examinations are open to the public. Notice of examination will be communicated to all participating faculty members and each academic unit at least 5 business days prior to the exam date. All oral examinations should be held on the University of Victoria campus. Any deviation from this guideline requires the approval of the Dean of Studies. As a general rule, the student and all members of the Supervisory Board are expected to attend the oral exam in person or virtually.

The signature of the committee members on the „Request for Oral Examination” or „Checklist for Non-Final Examinations” form constitutes consent to participate in the examination at the scheduled time. In the event that a faculty member is unable to attend in person or virtually, the member must ask questions for the exam and be responsible for finding an agent to attend the exam and ask the candidate`s questions. The representative must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is advisable that the signing authority has in-depth knowledge of the field or knowledge of the research methodology. The representative is expected to evaluate the student`s responses. However, the proxy does not vote on the outcome of the examination. The representative does not replace the absent member of the committee, but merely represents the absent member at the oral examination. Therefore, the committee faculty member must always sign the thesis/dissertation approval form. The academic unit chair and the student`s senior supervisor sign the academic unit`s letter of recommendation.

In addition, all members of the Examination Board must sign the thesis/dissertation approval form.