What Are the Characteristics of Being Law Abiding Citizens of the Philippines

It is true that some Filipinos are honest and law-abiding, employ intelligent minds to solve problems and understand the world, aspire to excellence and greatness, and display inspired revolutionary art. The question is where these extraordinary Filipinos are. Why aren`t they more representative of Philippine society as a whole? Why do the most dysfunctional elements of our society symbolize the character of our nation? The very simple thing you can do is criticize, insult, denigrate and spread hatred. Anyone and I mean, anyone can do it and can be an expert in the field. But that`s not what we want these days. We want people who go beyond whining, moaning and chatter. We want ideas, not ridicule, on how to deal with problems. We want inspiration, not misfortune and frustration, to make our compatriots hopeful despite the dire situation in which they find themselves. We want people who spread positivity, hope and inspiration and not the wise, the conceited, and the know-it-all. Whether or not other countries apply double standards is irrelevant to our discussion and does NOT correct the Philippines` double standards. – Jmac ========== That`s what you want to dictate to me. Sorry, I have my own mind and it`s better than yours.

Hello? I never raised the question of who I answered. I have indicated to you which statement I responded. When we look at some of the most common quirks in a Filipino, we see why honesty is immediately compromised. (a) Filipino time, late in appointments – most of the time this is analyzed as a lack of responsibility at Pinoys, but look at how dishonest it is with others and with yourself. b) Unmade commitments (e.g. Our exporters are known for not meeting delivery deadlines and are rather known for being creative with excuses, our banks have the highest rate of bad loans, etc.) – These are direct attacks on honesty and see how it affects the whole country. (c) Bahala na, total mediocrity – this is not the best, it is cheating on the service that was supposed to be provided, and we should be completely shy about this quality and jump into Manila Bay or the Philippines if we are ever blamed for it. (d) Pwede na yan and tommorov na lang – again identical to (c). All this is not just a lack of professionalism, but attacks on honesty. It`s New Year`s Eve, man, and you start by being negative. Relax. I`ve lived in New York for 13 years, corruption in the United States is much lower than in the Philippines, and if they get caught, they always pay.

Easier said than done – the poor guy doesn`t know if the candidate (or incumbent) he`s cunning with has people checking if the idiot actually voted for him, and he doesn`t know whether or not there will be a bloody setback in any form. (Or he knows, so he doesn`t take any chances.) In between, whether the poor voter is cynical enough to view political participation as a dead end, or simply „I didn`t know I could use my vote to make politicians accountable to me – plain language for us,” the reason why the status quo persists to the detriment of everyone along the way. Why does everyone seem to think that Filipinos are judged by people who are elected to political office? Everyone knows that elections are rigged and that politicians are all crooks. It is therefore not from these people that Filipinos are necessarily measured, it is not the case. Any visitor entering the Republic of the Philippines in Manila doesn`t make it to the top of the NAIA without being attacked by at least 5 different thieving taxi drivers, all charging a different price to get to the same place, they just don`t. The assumption that people are unable to judge the individual merits of people in a particular country is wrong. It is more accurate to say that the whole country, from top to bottom, is a fraud. That`s the way it is, and the author is right: dishonesty prevails. Honest people are hunted down at every turn and soon honesty turns into a lost offer. In such a place, the truth is simply that Filipinos are a place to cheat or be deceived. It`s a shame that one of the few honest Filipinos has a bad reputation for every transaction from the start, but here`s how it goes: „A rotten apple… »..

You can`t even understand simple English. How stupid. Let me rephrase so that your simple mind can understand: they don`t hire Filipino workers, not because they`re special or better than anyone else. They hire them for the simple reason that they are cheap and cheaper to rent than their premises. Any other reason is due to the final result. Reliability? Less long-term risks and their usefulness to the business. Capabilities? How they can contribute to a company`s bottom line. Capacity? To what extent they can contribute their skills. (f) Balat Sibuyas – the immediate reaction of the Pinoys to any criticism is to push it away instead of thinking at the golden opportunity to correct us – this too is not honest with itself. Look at why our wandering civil servants do not resign, because the other side of the coin is „Kapalmuks”. Is this an admission of what has been said, in which you are doing a „good” job? Law-abiding Filipinos are easy to have day jobs and it is too expensive for good people to run for public office.

I`ll tell you what I think a lot of hard-working Filipinos abroad have found themselves. They do not have a monopoly on reliability and reliability. You have no choice. They must be, or they risk losing the livelihoods on which they and their families depend. Because of this sense of urgency created by the need for a better life, they are pushed to work hard. This is motivation, not because reliability and reliability are innate among Filipinos. Moreover, they are a minority of foreigners in unknown foreign countries. But that`s just my opinion. What is wrong is ignoring all the parody, moral humiliation and corruption around you while pretending that everything is fine. ======== Who doesn`t know what? Do you think people like to live in „parody, moral humiliation and corruption”? @Jerry… HA, YOU make me laugh.

and I will prove YOU wrong. OK, J Morgan/Chase bank agents get bonuses, NOT jail. JP Morgan/Chase senior executive Jaime Dimon received a doubling of his salary (from $7 million to $14 million) immediately after the fine was announced. So, uh, how exactly is that synonymous with „punished” as you said, right? Not a single banker in the US and the West went to jail (even after Elayne Fleischmann`s revelations about the blatant complicity of Chase and Citigroup) for his role in the 2008 financial crisis, although at first it seemed that many would, everything was swept under the carpet. All. Nowhere in my comment did I compare „millionaires” or „billionaires,” as you mind-blowingly suggest. Your insults don`t matter to me, Jerry, well, they do. A little. Because they make me laugh at you because you think you know what you`re talking about. BWAH HA HA HA AHA! Just in case and in your defense, The Failippines is a mess riddled with corruption, from top to bottom. and if you ever want to enlighten yourself, here is ONE link to what I was referring to: dailymailco.paydaycash202.info/news/article-2824580/Witness-s-testimony-powerful-forced-9-billion-settlement-JP-Morgan- The Philippines does not really protect and secure the concerns of its citizens. If this is true, why are there so many poor people here? Why are laws not well enforced? Why is the infrastructure dilapidated? Why is there so much corruption? Why are countless citizens ready and hoping to emigrate, emigrate or look for work abroad? These are some of the issues that slap your so-called „protecting the concerns of its citizens.” Well, aside from the fact that honest Filipinos are vastly outnumbered, it may also be because being honest takes a lot of hard work and a lot of brains.