What Is a Verification Statement

Verification statements are issued after the completion of the Didactic Dietetic Programme (DPD). The DPD Verification Statement confirms that a student has completed an ACEND accredited DPD and is eligible to apply to an ACEND accredited supervised practice programme (Dietetic Practicum). Upon completion of a dietetic rotation, a second verification certificate is issued, confirming eligibility to participate in the Registration Examination for Registered Nutritionists offered by the Dietary Registration Board (RDC). Verification statements are important: Once a student has received their original signed Statement of Verification, it is their responsibility to keep it in a safe place for easy access when needed. Official copies of DPD student verification statements are kept permanently by the DPO Director for all DPD students. To obtain a verification statement, students must complete certain experiences and provide appropriate documentation of those experiences to their program director. Below are guidelines and resources to document your process. A full explanation of the verification statement can be found on the website of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. You can also download this information (pdf). If you are enrolled in a CDNA-accredited dietetic program, certain requirements must be met to receive a verification statement.

This declaration entitles you to start a dietetic internship and participate in the registration test for nutritionists and nutrition technicians and dieticians. The declaration also gives you the right to apply for membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Compliance with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (DPD) curriculum requirements is verified by the DPD Program Director before the Accreditation Council for Nutrition and Dietetic Education issues audit statements. The following mandatory DPD courses are not accepted by an institution outside the United States as they contain content specific to U.S. dietary practice guidelines: Apply to MSU | RDN or NDTR | Dietetic Program Home| SDI Application Process| scholarships Verification declaration. Remember: you will need to provide a copy of the government-issued identity document and the completed form. Forms submitted without a copy of the ID used to verify your identity will be returned as incomplete. Includes all of the above points as well as completion of basic nutrition courses at UIUC: Once all DPD course requirements for the Food and Nutrition Major (Dietary Option) have been met and the Registrar has authorized the student to graduate from MSU, the DPD Program Director will issue six originals of the Statement of Verification.

Suggested Uses for Verification Statements: Students completing the Dietetic Instructional Program (DPD) through the University of Arizona Online must identify experiential learning locations to meet the requirements of tasks and activities in a range of courses. At the beginning of the semester, a fair warning is issued so that a location that meets the required specifications can be identified by the student. In some cases, if required by the website, the AU DPO will enter into contracts known as „affiliation agreements” with experiential learning venues before the student begins their experiential learning activities. A DPD Verification Statement is a document issued to a student who has met all the requirements of an accredited dietetic program (DPD). Possession of a DPD Verification Statement establishes the right to participate in the Registered Nutrition and Dietetic Technician (NDTR) exam in order to obtain NDTR certification. Possession of a DPD verification statement also means that you have the right to progress in the process of obtaining the RDN qualification. Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be eligible to apply for supervised exercise programs accredited by ACEND through a competitive admissions process. Please contact an academic nutrition advisor or call (520) 621-0898 for assistance. You can meet this requirement in two ways. You can: To obtain the required form, click here to download the Declaration of Identity and Education form. Locations must be identified for the following courses: If you are transferring to an international degree, you must have your courses evaluated by an accredited foreign credential assessment agency. The list of agencies can be found here.

PhD students must make an appointment with Dr. Justine Karduck if they plan to meet DPD requirements at the same time as their graduate studies. PhD students must complete 100 hours of work experience (50 of which must be clinical work) and complete mentoring meetings each semester, like DPD students. Students who have earned a bachelor`s degree from a regionally accredited university have the opportunity to complete our undergraduate certificate for the Didactics in Dietetics program. With this certificate, you can acquire a DPD verification statement as a student without a degree.