Who Can Legally Perform a Marriage Ceremony in Oklahoma

To get married legally in Oklahoma, you need to make sure you understand the state`s marriage laws. The laws apply to couples and the official who will perform the marriage ceremony, so both parties need to know any restrictions or rules regarding the process. At Universal Life Church, we`ve put together this short guide to make sure your Sooner State wedding goes smoothly and avoids legal hurdles. Find out information on how to get a marriage license, which must include the ceremony. 43-7 Solemnity of marriages; the production of the licence; Punishment; Registration of persons authorised to enter into marriages Becoming responsible for marriages at the SRI is easier than you think. Our online ordination process is fast and completely free because we don`t believe there should be big barriers between you and your own beliefs. Legally authorized ministers ordained by the ULC celebrate numerous weddings in Oklahoma each year. After receiving your ministerial license in hand, a wedding is fast approaching! Click the button below to get started. Each district has different requirements for the minister conducting the ceremony. In each district, the Minister must provide proof of ordination. However, the exact documentation varies by county. State law requires that anyone performing a marriage ceremony be at least 18 years of age.

For persons under the age of 16, marriage may be an option if a court obtains permission from the minor`s parents or guardians and the minor has given birth to a child or is pregnant with a child of the person he or she wishes to marry. Once you`ve done all the paperwork, you`re ready to celebrate the wedding! Feel free to use the tools listed below to prepare for the ceremony. These carefully curated resources will give you helpful tips and insight into all facets of managing a wedding. Designed specifically for our wedding officials, these guides include everything you need to plan and perform the perfect ceremony. At Universal Life Church, we receive several calls from wedding leaders in Oklahoma after obtaining their marriage license by ordering online and asking for advice on how to perform a wedding ceremony. Once the legal issues are settled, planning a wedding (although it can be a daunting task) can be a lot of fun. We suggest that new Oklahoma wedding ministers who are concerned about the ceremony read one of our helpful wedding guides. The „Ministerial Training” section of our website should provide a useful reminder for more experienced clergy.

Oklahoma abides by federal law that allows same-sex couples to marry. It will also recognize your marriage from another state if you and your spouse are first cousins, but you can`t marry in Oklahoma with that close relationship. The State also does not allow marriage between siblings or other close family relationships such as aunts or uncles to nieces and nephews and stepparents to stepchildren. The full legal names of persons entitled to marry by licence, the full legal names by which persons are known after marriage, their age and place of residence; In addition to his information, the Minister must also ensure that both witnesses sign the document to take an oath to be present. They must provide their name and address. Finally, the couple must sign the document with the names they will now use after the wedding. All packages include a personalized ordination certificate, a reputable letter, a clergy ID card, an Oklahoma marriage law guide, and all required forms and documents. Unlimited ordination allows you to perform an unlimited number of ceremonies in Oklahoma and most of the United States. and unrestricted international sites.

To see sample documents, please click here. B. The marriage certificate provided for in this Title shall contain an appropriate entry and omissions which, in accordance with Section 8 of this Title, must be completed and noted by the person solemnizing or solemnizing the marriage, witnesses and married persons. Now there is only one last step – but it is important! After the wedding, you must sign the marriage certificate (with the couple and their two witnesses). Their official title will be „Minister”; Enter „religious” for the type of ceremony and „non-denominational” for the confession. No license number is required. Oklahoma lets the couple choose how their ceremony goes. Among the few preconditions are two witnesses present who are over the age of 18. The couple must also be present, as marriage by proxy is not something that the state recognizes. Verbal consent to marriage must be given with a declaration of marriage at the end.

Now that you understand Oklahoma`s marriage laws, click below to begin the simple process of celebrating a marriage in Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma recognizes the clergy of the Church of Universal Life as religious actors, even though a marriage they celebrate is entirely secular in nature. There is no distinction or prejudice as to type of religious belief, gender or personal residence. However, ministers must be at least 18 years of age. Wedding officials need to keep a few things in mind when preparing for a ceremony in Oklahoma. First of all, the heat can get quite oppressive during the summer months, so the minister will definitely want to consider a short-sleeved office shirt if the couple has opted for an outdoor wedding venue, such as a wedding barn. However, most couples choose late spring or early fall for their wedding date in Sooner State, whether they want it in a chapel or outside. Sturdy shoes before and after the ceremony are also recommended if part of the event requires walking on rough terrain. Weddings in Oklahoma tend to be more affordable than in other states, and it shouldn`t be that difficult for the couple to have a wedding at the cheapest end of the spectrum if they want to.

Ministers often wonder how much a wedding manager in Oklahoma should charge, but the truth is that there is no simple answer. Fees can vary greatly depending on the experience, commitment, and relationship with the couple. Most officials charge at least $100 unless they know the couple well and are present at the ceremony even if they were not officiating, in which case they can perform the ceremony as a gift for the couple. C. In the event that one or both parties have not reached the age of majority, the application must have been filed with the office of the Registrar within a period of at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the issuance of the marriage certificate. Any written certificate or authorization required under this subsection shall be retained by the official issuing the marriage certificate. One. The marriage certificate provided for in this respect contains: Ministerial ordination for Oklahoma includes authorization to legally perform all celebrations of life, including marriage ceremonies (weddings), baby blessings (baptisms), house blessings, re-engagement ceremonies (renewal of vows), commemorations (funerals), fast hands and other rites and rituals. Once you`ve spoken with the county wedding officials, simply visit our website, log into your account, and order the materials you want. One of our most popular items in Oklahoma is the classic wedding set.